artwork with a mind for conservation.

In art, we use perspective. One, two, and three point perspective refer to the number of points on which all parallel lines seem to converge. Perspective obviously isn't just an art term. Our perspective also refers to the point from which we observe our world. The 4th Point is what we bring and carry with us, it's what we have to give others and to a greater extent: the world around us and future generations.

There is no denying our world is changing rapidly. Regardless of how detrimental our influence has been on the world, everyone can agree that our population is rising and the population of the countless other beautiful animals we share it with is diminishing. Sadly, many of these species will never recover from their current situation. Tragically, many more will follow.

Many species I choose as subjects are critically endangered. I create art in the hopes of bringing the vulnerability of these species to the attention of any who see my work. Without bringing these animals to our minds in the present, we may lose them forever. The ultimate goal of my work is to spark that conversation.
My hope is not just to create a beautiful piece of art, but to relate to the species that I illustrate and perhaps engage them for a brief moment on the subject of our shared mortality. Specifically, in my "America's Fragile Armor" series I plan to create beautiful depictions of our native chelonian species. It is a little known fact that turtles are one of the oldest groups of reptiles, predating the dinosaurs. These intelligent animals are also the most endangered of all vertebrates. Of the 327 species of turtles, more than half are threatened by extinction. It is my firm belief that their survival hinges on our ability to educate and inspire one another. 

Many of my original works and many more of my limited edition prints have already gone to help fund the conservation and responsible husbandry of these animals. Some of these include The Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group (TTPG), The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK), The Bioculture Group of Mauritius Island, The Chicago Herpetological Society (CHS), The Herpetological Conservation Group (HCI) and The Katala Foundation. I have promised myself, in the years to come, many more will follow.

There is much to be done, art is the best way I know how to do it.

- James