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Blood Python Original. 18" x 36" (Python brongersmai)

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This Original Painting depicts the beautiful Blood Python (Python brongersmai.) It was created on 3/4" stretcher bars, with dimensions of 18" x 36", and finished with a gloss varnish.

I have always been captivated by constrictors. Their beautiful coloration, hypnotic patterns, sheer mass, obvious strength, and slow yet methodical movement are the attributes that make these animals as enticing as they are. This painting was created in 2018 as the dominant element in the cover design of  "A Passionate Journey with Short Tailed Pythons" by Richard B. Crowley. However, I couldn't just create a book cover. I wanted to create a piece that respects each of this animals captivating characteristics. One thing I knew was an absolute must, this girl needed to be life sized if only to show her majesty.

This painting's edition is only 30 Canvas Giclees.