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"Lying In Wait" Original Acrylic Painting of Reticulated Python on Canvas

$3,000.00 $2,700.00
For years, I've wanted to depict the majestic reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus.) It's not easy to convey the grandeur a full grown retic pushing 20ft in length evokes and I knew I had to do this animal justice. I began by considering the method of 'ambush hunting' this mammoth snake uses: often coiled upon itself within the leaves of its forest floor habitat. It was then that the message, composition, and technique came together. I wanted this painting viewed through the eyes of prey. The brilliant patterns needed to come in and out of focus. Its black reticulations needed to deteriorate into what could be interpreted as the shadows of leaves. Its hyper-focused, unblinking, amber eye needed to stare back at the viewer while Lying In Wait.
This is an original acrylic painting created on cotton duck canvas measuring 24' x 30" on 1.5" gallery stretcher bars with black edges. Although it can be framed, this painting is just as beautiful hanging on the wall as is, with picture wire provided. Each of this paintings reproductions are meticulously i
nspected, signed, and packed by the artist. This is an open edition print.