artwork with a mind for conservation.

Pyxis planicauda, 11" x 14" Limited Edition Print


A Mind For Conservation: The original painting of "Pyxis Planicauda" was donated to the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group's 2014 auction. All proceeds went to help fund conservation in an effort to establish assurance colonies which protect these animals from threats faced in the wild. Ironically enough, those threats are most often human. 

The Story: This print is of the critically endangered Pyxis planicauda. The flat-tailed (or flat-backed) spider tortoise is endemic to the forests of Madagascar where the hide amongst the leaf litter. Deforestation consumption and illegal export is threatening the survival of this beautiful species of tortoise.

This giclee is printed on Innova Smooth paper and each print is inspected, signed, numbered and packed by the artist.

This painting's edition is only 200 Limited Edition Prints and 15 Canvas Giclees.

(The original painting was donated to the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group, a group dedicated to ensuring their survival. It now hangs in the Chiricahua Desert Museum in Rodeo, NM.)