artwork with a mind for conservation.

Siebenrockiella leytensis, 11" x 14" Limited Edition Print


A Mind For Conservation: The original painting of Siebenrockiella leytensis was donated to the Turtle Survival Alliance to help fund global conservation efforts. Additionally, 10% of the proceeds from all Canvas Giclees and Limited Edition Prints will go directly to the Katala Foundation in the Philippine Islands to help fund the conservation of Siebenrockiella leytensis.

The Story: This print is of the critically endangered Palawan Forest Turtle. In August of 2015 I was attending the Turtle Survival Alliance's Annual Symposium. It was during this banquet that I first heard, and hurriedly scribbled onto a napkin, the name leytensis. This story inspired this painting:

Prior to a single animal being found 1988, this species was known only by two individuals discovered in 1920. Rediscovered in 2004, S. leytensis was declared critically endangered with greater fears that it may already be facing extinction.

Then, on June 17th of 2015, an urgent email went out to the chelonian community. Sabine Schoppe of The Katala Foundation reported a confiscation of over 3,800 live S. leytensis turtles, far greater than the estimated existing population and the greatest confiscation of any fresh water turtle. Although they were alive, based on the condition, an unknown number would invariably die. The herpetological community immediately mobilized. Conservationists around the world were boarding flights to help rehabilitate these sick and dying turtles. 

Of the 3,831 Palawan Forest Turtles confiscated, an astonishing 3,385 turtles were released into remote and isolated locations which continue to be monitored.

This giclee is printed on Innova Smooth paper and each print is inspected, signed, numbered and packed by the artist. This painting's edition is only 200 Limited Edition Prints and 15 Canvas Giclees.

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• All information comes directly from the Turtle Survival Alliance and "Palawan Crisis" A Movie by The Turtle Conservancy.