artwork with a mind for conservation.

Sokake: On the Horizon at Cap Sainte Marie, 18" x 24" Limited Edition Print


A Mind For Conservation: The original painting of "Sokake: On the Horizon at Cap Sainte Marie" was entered into the Turtle Survival Alliance's 2015 auction. Half of the proceeds went to help fund conservation efforts specifically in Madagascar. 

The Story: This print is of the critically endangered Astrochelys radiata. The radiated tortoise, or sokake as it's known in Malagasy, is endemic to the deserts and spiny forests of Madagascar. The deserts of the Cap Sainte Marie Special Reserve overlook the Mozambique channel 100m above sea level where the radiated tortoises live in their last wild habitat.  Habitat loss, consumption and illegal export is threatening the survival of this exceptionally beautiful creature.

This giclee is printed on Innova Smooth paper and each print is inspected, signed, numbered and packed by the artist. This painting's edition is only 100 Limited Edition Prints and 20 Canvas Giclees.