artwork with a mind for conservation.

"Wayapopi: Redfoots on the Jungle's Edge." 16" x 20" Canvas


The Story: This print is of one of the world's most beloved tortoises. Few chelonian aficionados have gone their lives without caring for, and most likely falling in love with, these amazingly beautiful animals. The redfoot tortoise, or wayapopi as it's known in regions of South America, finds its home in the savannas and forested areas of South America. Although easily cared for and common in the pet trade, these striking tortoises are threatened in the wild due to habitat loss, consumption, and illegal export. Also featured in this painting is the Blue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho peleides).

This giclee is printed on satin canvas and each print is inspected, signed, numbered and packed by the artist. This painting's edition is only 200 Limited Edition Prints and 30 Canvas Giclees.